Investors around the world are getting increasingly serious about the need to confront the financial risks posed by climate change and other threats. The Green Bond market provides investors with the best of both worlds – profit and positive environment and social impacts.

The downside is in rampant fraud and other financial crimes in an emerging market expected to reach one trillion ($US) by 2021.

When it comes to reporting on investment performance, investors are in the dark; only 60% report on both use of proceeds and impacts. The Climate Bonds Initiative recently found that few do more than report annually, and most lack sufficient detail to allow for market comparison. With only 15% reporting on social bonds in accordance with the IFI Harmonized Framework, as the leading industry standard, trust is hard to establish.


The First Green Bank Network is your third-party performance reporting expert in Green and Social Impact Bonds.

We provide what investors want – fully disclosed fees, unbiased, and easy to understand reports.

We’ve disrupted this space in using our smarts and superior technology to create streamlined reporting from a patchwork of rules. Ours is a need-driven process - we work with investors to determine their sweet spot in reporting on use of proceeds during the project and overall impact. With real-time reporting that visually communicates project and portfolio performance, investors can see for themselves - whenever they need to.

We give investors’ assurance that they can rely on our performance information to guide their investment decision throughout the life of their green bond.

Our technology puts you right in the action - so you can see for yourself.


We work to our strengths to provide refereed clients with two fundamental services:

Oversight of the Bond
Facilitation Process

Monitoring and Reporting
Over the Bond Life Cycle

We Invite Qualified, Reputable and Innovative Partners for:

Research and Development (AI, Big Data, Machine learning (AI), Blockchain, etc)

Why a Third-Party is Your Competitive Advantage

Agility from Start to Finish

Anytime access to data that helps investors to determine whether their bond is meeting market expectations and industry best practice at any point in its lifecycle. Investors can actionable these insights and make course corrections that reduce risks and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Dynamic Alignment

Improved alignment as investors may check in as often as they need to verify that their projects are in synch with the Green and Social Bond Principles. Investors have the ability to use performance information to objectively communicate a coordinated story about project management efficiencies, use of proceeds and impact outcomes.

Increased Investor and Public Confidence

Improved investor and the public trust in the accuracy and reliability of Green Bond reports by gathering data through metrics that allow for comparison of Green Bond performance against industry benchmarks.

Advanced Reporting Sophistication

Improved understanding of the value of reporting is key to advancing the field of reporting and lessen the uncertainty as to how effectively the Green Bond Market is maturing.

Investors engaged in our useful, easy to understand process benefit from the use of performance data to inform decisions rather than as a glance in the rear-view mirror.



Dr. Connie Delisle

Spending the better part of my life in poverty has taught a great deal about priorities. The sum total of my education, training and experience has led me to understand the importance of wealth and the need to be accountable for its impact.

“My design of a transparent and accountable impact reporting service amps up the way we follow money today and helps shape the mindset of tomorrow.”


Lindsay T. Oliver

My career as a trailblazer has taken me across and through many roads less travelled. As a leader in private sector large scale investment and green bond facilitation, the better part of my life has been on critically analyzing and making decisions that have significant impacts. Common to these experiences are people who seek to make a positive difference in the world - the challenge is in discerning if that is for selfish or selfless reasons.



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